Monday, August 30, 2010

A Zebra Can't Change It's Stripes, But a Zebra Ottoman Can Change It's Legs!

I like animal prints. It's one of my "signatures", if you will. Tasteful and luxe animal prints, of course. I got a fab deal on a zebra ottoman from a very unexpected place. Here's the story:

Inspired by this...

Decor pad

Decor pad

...I found this...

Z Gallerie Huntington Ottoman, $599 aka Too Much

...But then found this for $79...

Walmart Alisha Ottoman (no longer available, kids)

Then it went on sale for $49.99. Word.

Ordered it Site to Store (free shipping)...

...Spray painted the legs black (why were they even brown in the first place???)...

Introduced it to the Pier 1 sunburst mirror. They really hit it off!

Sorry for the crappy Iphone pic. Stephan is out of town with the camera and I can't find the backup camera...

Now I just have to frame our old master bath mirror to lean behind it. The question is, go GOLD framing like the inspiration photo, or BLACK, or WHITE?????

What's your vote?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Coming Soon





Floor Mirror

Tufted Bed.

Guest Bathroom.

Faux Bamboo.


Metallic Paint.

Just a few of the things going on around here. I've sick and busy and watching Bravo! . And maybe being a wee bit lazy. More to come on all the fun we're working on!