Monday, December 28, 2009

The B.F.F.'S

Bentley and Diesel have finally met and are best friends already! Stephan didn't make it home until 3am so it wasn't the ideal meeting but they are already getting along great!

They love to play...constantly. Ugh, can't wait for that backyard!

I got out this huge dogbed for Diesel to use but he insists on flopping his fat German Shepherd but into Bentley's teenie-tiny bed. Sometimes they both try to sleep in the small bed...hilarious. I think we have about 20 pics of them both in the bed. They also both try and cuddle in the crate together.

I just can't wait for them to have more room to run and play! They are "the cuteness."

Diesel's First Snow

This is why I hated Kansas. Keep in mind it was like in the 70's in Florida while this snow was happening. But this did mark Diesel's first snow:) Too cute not to share!

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Happens At The Office Christmas Party, Stays At The Office Christmas Party

I went to visit Stephan for one last long weekend in Kansas (single, glistening tear) and we went to his squadron Christmas party. It's kinda lame, but any excuse to dress up and I'm there!

I was having a Carrie Bradshaw in the final episode of Sex and the City moment. I rocked my BCBG corset seemed strapless dress and dressed Stephan in a velvet blazer and tweed pants and no tie (going rebel). He is my Ken Doll. But that is another post altogether.

We had fun despite the prom like atmosphere, the white elephant gift exchange, lame games like 2 Truths and a Lie and the Newlywed game, mediocre food, drunken debauchery, and the fact Stephan somehow got put in charge of taking pics.

At least we have some new cute pics!

Girl Meet Diesel, Diesel Meet Girl

I finally met Diesel!!! So excited! He is the cutest thing ever, is growing like crazy (I think he might actually be mixed with horse or something). He is very sweet, quiet and well-behaved. He breathes so heavy and it cracks me up! He also "talks," he never really barks just whines and talks to us. So cute! He is all front paws and ears and will have to grow into them. He is so in an awkward stage and like trips on himself and looks like he is walking with flippers on. Can't wait for him to meet Bentley.

We also discussed his registered AKC name and ended up just being silly about it on the 2 hours drive from Kansas City to Manhattan. Things like Kerstone's Diesel McDiesel and Sir Diesel von Dieselson... yeah... we were way bored.

I have lots of nicknames for Bentley:
-Bentley Bear
-Mr. Bentley
-Bentley Boy

So I had to start making some for Diesel. So far I have:
-Diesel McDiesel (too catchy to pass up)
-D-Bomb (cause it's awesome)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tufted Goodness

Here's the new couch and loveseat!!!! Obsessed with vintage and glam! It was 33% off over Thanksgiving weekend!!! And it passed the man-comfort test. Stephan had to do the ol' sit-er-oo test and it passed. First piece of the living room puzzle that I just can't put together...

Chloe Velvet Sofa and Loveseat

I'm having one heck of a time getting this thing, though. I seamlessly ordered it over the phone with Macy's (because I went to the store twice and no one would help me so there was no way I was giving them my commission!). And was so impressed with the customer service. And then, long story short, I've been on the phone back and forth for a week with Macy's and Discover card. Grrrrr. They keep trying to double charge and blame each other. Then they wouldn't deliver to the new house zipcode...lame. Eventually they made an excpetion but only for a day that no one would be there...ugh.

I had to ask my friend who already lives in the area to go to the house to let them in. She is preggers with two toddlers and lives over 30 minutes away which officially makes me a bad person. ANYTHING FOR MY COUCH (crazy look in the eyes)!!!!!!

Just imagine some mirrored side tables, blown-up black and white wedding photos, sunburst mirrors, faux fur throw, crystal lamps, zebra ottoman, parisienne burlap pillows...maybe I do have the beginnings of a room in mind... I DIE!!! Can't wait to sit my butt on it :) NO SHEPHERDS ALLOWED!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving day we ate with my side of the family (couldn't hit both because Stephan booked his flight too last minute and ended up arriving at 3:00pm). And then did a dinner with Stephan's familia on Friday night.

We ate and had fun and I was asked to tell my story about the customer that shopped in my store for 8-hours (you don't wanna know). All the girls ended up making a dessert so we had to have a family bake-off. Here were the contenders:

Mom: Pumpkin Cheesecake torte
Me: Chocolate Pecan Pie (Martha Stewart's recipe, of course)
Matt's girlfriend Rich: Coca Cola Chocolate cake
Nate's girlfried Dianna: Oreo Balls (they need a new name, I know... I'm thinking Oreo Truffles)

Austin was the judge since he was not biased by dating or being married to any of us:)

He gobbled them all up.

Then we had our traditional Thanksgiving photo shoot for the Christmas card picture. No matter what we always end up by the fireplace:) And my mom was amazed at the use of the self-timer on the camera:) Oh, goodness, there were more outtakes than actual good shots though...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awkward Family Photoshoot AKA White Socks, White Shirts, No Problems

Over the busy Thanksgiving weekend we did a family photoshoot with Stephan's family. Getting that many people in a family picture is always funny, awkward, and hilarity always insues. Stephan's mom wanted to do the white top and jeans thing (not my thing, but it was for my Mother-in-Law so we did as we were asked for uniformity's sake) The only thing I put up a tiny fight about was wearing white socks. To be photographed without my heels on is like asking Diesel to not be adorable...

Here's what made it awkward and hilarious:
-The wardrobe: matching white shirts, jeans, and socks
-Two dogs (both drugged up on Benadryl...don't judge me)
-Two dads (At the last minute Stephan's dad got added into the mix)
- The poor photographer who had no idea who went with who and what the heck was going on

I went to my happy place and just let it happen. Here's is what we came up with (Please, Picture People, don't sue me!)

Yeah, not the most attractive pose for the figure but cute-ish

In acting they always say never work with animals or children...

Absolutely ZERO sibling rivalry here:)

We look like the cast of a CW or ABC Family TV Show...Yeah

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Congratulations Matt and Rich!!!!

My brother Matt and his girlfriend, Rich got engaged this week and we are beyond excited about it! Especially me since I am the only girl sibling in the family and now have someone to talk to at family gatherings!!! Yay!!! Best Wishes and Congratulations!!! Love you guys mucho!!!