Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Give Up On Me Yet!

Hey all 10 readers (actually 9, because one of you is my husband who I made follow me, but doesn't ever read any posts) I just have a few things:

1) We are out of money. Like whoa. That is why all projects are on hold. After our appliances, bedroom carpet, paint, back yard clearing, we are out of house money. Despite how I come off, I would rather prefer to eat than have a mirror from Z Gallerie.

Trust me, I have everything planned out. Just waiting another month or two to start up again...Sigh.

2) I really don't even know where to start, I guess room by room??? Preferrably our bedroom...

3) We have been battling with the dang bamboo dresser for several weekends. After many paint attempts we can't get the top to get an even finish. Grrrr. So hopefully the "Dresser is Finished" post is fast approaching

The main point of this post is: DON'T GIVE UP ON ME/ THIS BLOG YET!!!! I'm serious about documenting my house makeover, I was born for this kind of design challenge. I do realize that I can't further the blog until I put my money where my mouth is. But, trust me, my money and my mouth are BFF's.

I promise I will knock your socks off. Period.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zac Attack

No, this isn't a post about Saved by the Bell, silly bunny, it's about the Zac Posen for Target collection.

I've literally been counting down since I heard the news months ago, and the, I actually decided to have a life yesterday and completely forgot to set my alarm to be at Target when it opened at 8am.

When I turned on my computer I gasped (Stephan thought I was insane) I just kept screaming "Oh my gosh, Zac Posen, we have to goooooooo!" So I ordered what I could online praying it would fit and threw a dress on and headed to Target sans make-up and hair.

I don't know why I was so rushed, Ft. Walton Beach isn't exactly the fashion capitol of the universe or anything. No one probably even knew or cared but me in the whole city.

Here are the favesies (and of course I have a reason/occasion for EVERY one):

For work:

Ruched skirt $34.99

For my brother's college graduation:

Polka dot Dress $39. Freaking 99!!!

For our vintage-y photo shoot we won:

Red Ruffle Dress, $79.99

The ruffle skirt comes off to reveal a chic cocktail dress. So you could wear the skirt with a tank a'la Sex and the City opening credits, just the dress or skirt over dress.

For bestie's bridal luncheon?

Tiger Print Sailor Dress, $39.99 aka PRACTICALLY FREE

Bought this. I look better in it than this model. Just saying. Print is so Diane von Furstenberg, cut is so Blair Waldorff

For giggles:

Bravo, Selma Blair! Tried this on at the store. Heavenly. Period.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Having an "Aha" Moment

One place I've been struggling for ideas is the large, high wall in our living room. It's massive. I want to not have too much negative space and be the right scale for the wall without being bulky.

Awkward, massive wall. Design totally takes away from the fireplace.

I thought I would have to succumb and get a dreaded oversize entertainment center (so not my thing) or like a tv stand surrounded by some sort of bookcase.

Liatrop System

Then Colour Me Happy saved me again. She showed a great before and after in her post with a tv console with stacked horizontal art with a very tall vertical branch-y arrangement all working together to:

1)Draw the eye up to show off the height, and
2)Take up negative space in a non-bulky way.

Flaw-less, Maria.

I heart it and will be stealing it. Next to it I want an oversized mirror with a bench in front of it...

I think I've seen Candice Olsen and David Bromstead do similar wall treatments in loft/high ceiling rooms.

Possible media consoles:

Trollsta Sideboard. In love with the bottom, drawer placement not so much...

In love with this console from Brocade Home

Now just to decide if I want to do painting or fabric. My husbands oh-so-helpful suggestion was one painting of him in a speedo laying on a couch and another painting of me in a bikini laying the opposite direction. This is why I'm the visionary and he is the braun. His idea of art are those pics of James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe playing pool... Yeah...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Never Know Where Your Next Inspiration Will Come From!

At work I was looking up a Prom dress for a customer (can't wait for prom season to be O-VER), I couldn't help but fall in love with these mother of pearl pillows in the background. A-MAAAAZING!

These pillows = drool

Gotta keep your eyes peeled! You never know what might strike you!

Still looking for cheap options!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Peacock Bleu

Not gonna lie, kinda loving peacock blue right now.

With turquoise and orange? Amazing. Can't help thinking about Tory Birch guest judging on Project Runway saying orange and blue don't go together

From the new Lonny Mag via Decorpad

Peacock tufted headboard? I die

Kyle at Knight Moves got me into the colors with this number (gotta love a graphic series of objects, too)

Wish I could think of a way to incorporaate these Liberty of London pillows into the house. Totally got the frame and mugs though!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

They're Coming

I got chills. Literally.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Too Much Shabby, Not Enough Chic???

We took the trek a few weekends ago to Mobile, Alabama to pick up the beautiful chair I saw on Craigslist. It is beautiful, but I keep staring at it wondering if it needs updating.

That's our new Mohawk recycled carpet on the floor, it is made of recycled water bottles! So now that the new carpet is in, all the furniture is in the spare rooms (explanation for all the chairs in this photo)

Gray blue damask fabric

You can't fake aging like this!

I'm thinking a medium gray velvet with Heirloom White trim... What do you think???

Inspiration piece

Gray velvet

Now I have to go about finding an Upholsterer (is that the job title or what?) to trust in the area.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Help, I'm winging this design thing here!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Get a Hobby, Jill

I'm am L-O-V-I-N-G Real Housewives of New York this season! Bethenny's happy, Ramona is bipolar, LuAnn is annoying, Jill is Jill, Alex is just there, and Kelley in Playboy (?). Amazing-ness.

I was watching last weeks episode and was kind of entranced by Jill's apartment that she had made over last season. I can't decide if it's too much, but it definitely has the flamboyant fingerprints of her gay husband all over it. I like some of the elements and color palette. But I'm not really sure... Is it perhaps trying too hard, or do I like it... It's not like I'm afraid of full on in your face glamour, but I can't decide. Hmmm. Here's some pics from the photo shoot she did last season for Traditional Home. Definitely a HUGE change from the Before shots!

Before living room

After living room

Mother of pearl tables? Yes, please. Man-art? No, thank you.

Before kitchen

After kitchen

Before master bedroom

After master. Amazing upholstered bed. Matching bedding? Not sure...

Ally's Room. Love everything but the rug and chair. Ghost chair calling.

Glam or tacky? Or both?

I can't talk about the New York Housewives apartments without mentioning Kelley's life size horse in the living room. I think her apartment sort of gives a glimpse of what it must be like in her brain. It's not that her apartment isn't cute (it totally is) but the horse, really?