Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craigslist Stalking FINALLY Paid Off!!!

I go on Craigslist multiple times a week looking for vintage finds and never seem to have the kind of luck other bloggers seem to have (so jealous). Well, I finally hit the jackpot! I great vintage french provincial chair in perfect condition that doesn't have to be recovered or fixed up in any way!!! It will be perfect in the bedroom!

Only one minor set back. It's in...Alabama 1 1/2 hours away. First of all, when I've ever gone through Alabama I don't even want to stop, much less go shopping. But considering we have been driving 40 minutes to eat bagels at BagelHeads in Pensacola every Saturday, what's another few minutes???

I schlepped Stephan around last Saturday because I've been dying to hit up some antique shops in Pensacola! So fun!!! And get this, he actually got into it when he discovered antique knives/swords/military uniforms, etc. In fact, I had to drag him out of the first place because he wanted to play with every single weapon they had.

No lucky finds on this trip, but the chase is part of the fun! I can honestly say it was one of the funnest Saturday mornings I've had in a long time (mostly because we weren't painting the house)!!!

I'm going to maybe mix it with something super shiny and modern to keep it fresh, and add a few things in the pale blue throughout the room to bring it together.

1950's French Provincial perfection

Here are some things that might cool it up:

Maybe a little reading nook???

Z Gallerie Zoe Table Lamp on the Hollywood Redency new dresser???

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