Monday, February 15, 2010

HomeGoods Goodness

We stopped by HomeGoods this weekend (I haven't been since we moved, before that I was going once a week). Silly me, I forgot Stephan literally can't handle the place. He rushes me, whines, huffs and puffs, and is all around annoying.

Anywhere we are with furniture he just goes around and sits in leather chairs. I think his butt has been in every leather chair on earth.

Although I was rushed and when I wanted to buy something he said:

"Oh... I didn't know we were BUYING anything..."

He doesn't understand that you have to snatch up what you find because you will never again find it.

We found a tufted (you know how I feel about tufting) leather (I think it's faux cause I did the smell test) ottoman for his Christmas present, leather club chair.

$39.99, I've seen these for over $100 online.

I found some crystal lamps for our bedside tables. They need white drum shades and I'm still deciding if they are too tall or not. Here's Stephan's helpful lamp comments:

Stephan: "What do we have, like 10 lamps now???"
Me: "Ummm, we don't live in a one bedroom apartment anymore..."

Stephan: "I know, why don't we just take shades off some other lamps and put them on the ones you want..."
Me: (Well, there were no words...)

Too big? Or no? Pier 1 Hayworth Nightstand

Lesson learned, going to HomeGoods sans Stephan.

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  1. Agh... love that lamp. Yes.. I tried to buy a new lamp shade for the lamp in our bedroom... Kyle said it was a waste of money. Oh.. and that rolling desk I use as a night stand? I tried to buy a nightstand off craigslist (for $25) to refurbish and paint a pretty white to match some of our other stuff. What does 'the man' say? White never looks good, it will look cheap. I swear.. if you don't make a whole mood board and practically draw out a room for a man, they will not understand. Agh!