Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank Goodness!!!

We are finally ordered our appliances on Saturday!!! Our house didn't come with a fridge so we have been living out of my college dorm mini-fridge. We go to Publix basically ever/every other day and it's embarrassing. We also don't have a microwave yet so we are reheating leftovers (we try to not have any, but it happens) in the oven...lame.

Pathetic, isn't it??? (Also notice that Stephan made me put it in the garage because he didn't want to have to move it out of the kitchen once we got our permanent one)

At first we were waiting for our First Time Home Buyers tax credit, since our current appliances are white and I long for stainless steel chic-ness. And I'm not really a mix and match kinda girl and would rather do it in one she-bang. Then we thought we'd wait awhile and were going to be given a temporary fridge from a friend (which didn't pan out). Basically instead of going a few days to a week without important appliance we have ended up being without them almost 5 weeks.

The big gaping whole that mocks me daily

We have looked at Lowe's, Best Buy, local stores, etc. And decided to go with Frigidaire Energy Star. I think the key to most things is to not buy the cheapest thing, but rather the second or third cheapest. Things like hotels, appliances, etc. I think I get scared off by the things that are the absolute cheapest (especially after the hotel I stayed at in Paris a few years back).

Best Buy surprisingly had some good deals, but we were too impatient for the shipping times they were quoting. Instead we got our local store Art's Appliance Superstore (found by me, of course) to match the price/models of what we had picked.

As luck would have it, the store also sells scratch and dent appliances and had a fridge that had been $1,800 which we got for $1300 AND the flaw had been fixed so it was good as new!!! Gotta love a man who you ask to buy something and calls and wants to buy you something nicer and more expensive!!!

Can't wait to cook on my new stainless steel lovelies!!! So we definitely have to finish painting before they come on Thursday!!! And maybe order some aluminum or stainless steel backsplash tiles, oh and desperately need a stainless sink... Oh, does it ever end!!!

Can't wait to go to the grocery store ONCE a week and be able to heat up my leftovers!!!

AND now I won't be embarrassed if Martha Stewart stops by for dinner :)

Frigidaire Model #FMV152KS

Frigidaire Model #FDB1100RHC

Frigidaire Model #FPHS2687KF


  1. Our microwave broke at home so we are reheating our leftovers in the oven because my mom refuses to buy a new microwave unless its stainless steal and oven top lol so needless to say its annoying!

  2. We lived without a microwave for about a year when we were in our old house and ours broke. Love the new appliances!