Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Married...Finally

Here are our favorite pics from our reception.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Do, I Do, I Do

Here's some favorites from our ceremony:

Tiffany bracelet from Groomy

About to walk down the aisle with my mum

I know it looks like he's whispering something romantic. But he's really telling me that he has a wedgie :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Pretty in White

I thought finding my dress would be the easiest and funnest planning aspect of the wedding. WRONG. It was the hardest. I think I tried dozens and dozens of dresses on at many, many bridal shops. I was thinking something completely ruffley at the bottom but my mom and maid of honor weren't in love with it.

One day Stephan and I randomly drove by Brides by Demetrios in Altamonte Springs, FL. I ran in and Stephan stayed in the car. And there it was THE dress. AND it was on sale!!! It meshed together two designer dresses that I loved but could never afford.


From Inside Weddings, you guessed it! Obsessed with the sweetheart neckline and the beading.

I also loved the back of this dress from Inside Weddings. As well as the cathedral length veil. Pure drama.

Real Wedding:

Doesn't my groomy look handsome? Keep in mind that my dress was over $1,000 and he called me one day that he had found his tux at a used clothing store on base called Airman's Attic. Yeah...

Sweetheart, check. Beaded bodice, check.

Beading and gathering, check.

Cathedral veil, check.

Finishing touches:

I saw these Kate Spade shoes in Inside Weddings and HAD to have them. I got them off like a year before the wedding. I also had just some vintage-y studs from Express, a beaded COMB (NOT tiara) from a local shop, and a custom shimmer veil also from Demetrios. I had them make the cathedral part detachable so I just had a short veil for the reception. Lastly, I had found a vintage bracelet when I was in London from my "something old."

Yeah stole my hair from Inside Weddings, too:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have Your Wedding Cake And Eat It, Too

Our cake was fabulous and yummy. Our baker was Mary Grace of Bella Donna Cakes. Both my cakes were based on ones from magazines/online. We alternated Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese filling (my all time favorite) and Chocolate Angelfood Cake with Chocolate Truffle Filling. In the grand Southern tradition of a groomscake, we had a Plain and Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake With Raspberry and Chocolate Buttercream. Yum. We still talk about how yummy the cake was! We also did a faux styrafoam layer to make it look taller but save $$$ and not have too much extra.


The inspirations cake was also from Inside Weddings. It was completely covered in pearl dragees. That means each one was hand put on with tweezers. We priced that out and it was double what the pearlized icing would be so we went with icing. Also Stephan had to talk me down on it because it wouldn't really be edible like that, you'd have to take them all off or do faux layers. So after I saw this a sketched up a little drawing to take to her (literally turned out EXACTLY like my sketch)

Real Wedding:

Mary Grace added little brooches out of fondant, dragees, and rhinestones. She got me:)

We rented a silver antique cakestand, bought a monogram custom topper in the same font as our invitation from Toppers With Glitz, and added fresh flowers from the florist.

In the military tradition we cut the cake with a saber; One of Stephan's highlights

No, I didn't let him shove it in my face! Hello, RED cake...and my make-up was too fabulous!

Groom's cake tasted even better than it looked!!!

When In St. Augustine

My brother and his fiancee, Rich had their engagment photos done a few weeks ago by Lindsay of Pure Photography. She is a rockstar photographer and I am in love with these pics!!! They are the cuteness and braved the 40 degree weather in St. Augustine, FL for these great shots. You can look at the whole preview here. But here are some of MY favorites: