Saturday, February 6, 2010

To Wallpaper Or Not To Wallpaper...

I know what you're thinking: borders of fruits, country motifs, old lady florals... But honey, this isn't your mother's wallpaper! The new-school of wallpapers are graphic, or metallic, or even, dare I say...modern???

The Inspirations:

Graham & Brown Darcy, $60 (My fave)

Brocade Home Foil Wallpaper, $189 (METALLIC!!!!!!)

Peacock Feathers (Obsessed with all things feathers)

Celebrity Inspirations:

Tori & Dean (Very semi-tacky vintage)

Kim K's Powder Room (The "old lady pattern" as Stephan says)

Accent Wall Only: (Something I would so do)

I love the whole idea of what wallpaper has become! I would love to do the Darcy in the bedroom as an accent wall. I don't have the "balls" to do a whole room.

Here are my concerns:
-The whole putting it up process
-Resale value/showing when we sell (5-10 years down the road but Designed to Sell makes you think about these things)

And I need to choose my decor battles with the Mister...


  1. I say 1 wall of wallpaper to accent a room. That way, if you must, you can take it down to resell, or tell the potential buyers that it is only 1 wall they have to take the wall paper off, if they so choose. Do you have flat walls?? We have textured walls, so we could never pull off something like this. bummers. BTW, love it and all your bloggin! I'm busy cutting invitations right now... can't wait to send these babies out!

  2. I love the idea of putting wallpaper on an accent wall. I may have to use that idea in my house!