Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Current Obsession: Polyvore.com

I've been wanting to figure out an easy, Emily-friendly way to make mood boards. I'm very visual and I really wanted to show the bloggers what has been floating in my head! I figured most people use Photoshop, but I'm in no way proficient with it!

This morning I woke up and checked my email in bed on my iPhone (morning ritual). And I had an email from my Bestie about Polyvore.com. I've seen it many times but it never occured to me for home decor. But it is basically amazing. You can basically save everything you see on the internet (except freakin' Etsy...I need to write a letter about this travesty!) Then layer it together and size the items so they are all proportional. You can do it with home decor, fashion, or even "artistic expression." I'm guessing that means like odes to Michael Jackson and what not.

If you wanna check me out my name is Em Pink, occupation, Glamour Girl (haha, sounded better than currently-unemployed housewife). Here is my masterpiece of a master bedroom:

Items in this set:
Seville Upholstered Bed Parchment Quee : Target, $600
Pier 1 Imports - Hayworth Nightstand, $200
Pillows | Bedding and Pillows | Z Gallerie, $50
Simply Shabby Chic™ Crystal Candlestick Table Lamp - Tall : Target, $45
A46-U/384/5 Murano Venetian Style CHANDELIER Chandeliers, Crystal..., $150

Obviously it won't all be smushed together and I'll add in things that I couldn't add on to polyvore.com. I'm really obsessed with using that wallpaper sample as maybe a focus wall but I'm scared. It's so freaking gorg, though!!! And a little glamour reading nook with a little Audrey???

But at least you know sorta get the idea! Remember the inspiration photo???

Kim K's condo

A little over the top, but over the top is always more inspiring! Stephan hates my "mirrored crap" so obviously I wouldn't do a mirrored armoir or antiqued mirror wall panels. But I think the essence is in it!

Oh, and have you already forgotten the paint??? Gray Beard and a darker ceiling once the popcorn is gone!

More to come on the kitchen, dining, and guest bath! Smooches!

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  1. Just to let you know...I checked out Polyvore.com and it is now my new obsession too! LOL