Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What A Difference Some Paint Makes

By popular demand (as in two people) here are some post-paint pics! We have done our entrance, main living, dining, hallways, and guestroom. We still have the kitchen, master, bathrooms, and laundry room. Hopefully we will finish on Stephan's 3 day weekend...

Living room (Sherwin Williams Essential Gray):

Look at how the fireplace pops now! (Still hate that brown tile grout) and the light fixture HAS to go.

Dining Room (Sherwin Williams Essential Gray):

Excuse the mess. We are living off a few little piles since all our furniture is in the garage.

Breakfast Nook:

Unfortunately we have a wall that continues from the living to the kitchen so we had to carry over the Essential Gray.

Guest Room (Olympic Gray Beige)

I think beige is the hardest color to pick. There are so many and so many undertones. We just held a bunch up to the bedding to pick the right one. (I forgot to take a before pic...oopsy)

This is where you will get to stay if you come visit!!! I know the color might seem disappointing, but the overall room WILL be fierce!!!

Guest Rooms Hallway:

Master/Laundry Room Hallway:

I will say that we definitely could tell the difference between the Sherwin Williams and Olympic. The Sherwin was thick and rich and the Olympic was thin and watery and made bubbles. Go Sherwin if you're not sure. The extra $$$ is worth it.

Last but not least, here is what it looks like when everything you own is in your garage:

The rest of our wood floor should be in this week or next and then once it adjusts to the temperature of the house we can have it installed along with some new carpet in the bedrooms (I'm thinking maybe doing the Mohawk Green Carpet that's made from recycled water bottles)

And if you're wondering how big The German has gotten, here you go:

Yet he still wants to sit in my lap...ugh.


  1. Hooray! My prayers answered! PICTURES! I love the Gray, it looks fabulous! I see Stephan's Man Chair is patiently waiting to be used! haha. Oh My... and Diesel is HUGE!

  2. hello, i just ran across your blog because we are currently painting essential grey in my in laws house. (I googeled the color and found your blog) it's only got one coat up so far but it's looking more blue than grey to me. What do you think in your house? Is it more of a blue or grey? Thanks so much!

    I dont know if you answer questions or not. If you dont mind could you email me your thoughts to