Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Location, Location, Location

There were two things I knew when I planned my wedding:
1. I wanted it to be FABULOUS
2. I wanted it to be different that anyone elses that I'd been to

We looked at many hotels, country clubs, churches and these were the only two that felt right:


The church we picked was First United Methodist Church of Winter Park . It really had that grand, old (in the good way), European look that I longed for. And that aisle was heck-a-long to make my grand entrance (it felt even longer when the pre-recorded organ music for the entrance ended when my maid of honor was only 1/4 way down the aisle). It also had great stained glass, and a great courtyard. The only downside was no pics during the ceremony so all our ceremony pics are from the balcony :(


We fell in love with the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club for our reception. Even though it was a solid 1/2 hours drive from our ceremony. It was worth it. It brought the Scarlett O'Hara out in me! You gotta love the perfection that is golf course grass. And BEST wedding food EVER.

Can you believe this is the back???


  1. I am so jealous that I did not know you back then. Your wedding sounds amazing!

  2. Yes... walking down the longest aisle I've ever walked down in my life, with no music, was... awkward. But, I made it without having a 'scene' at your wedding. lol. I knew we should have practiced with the music the night before. I had a feeling it would do that to me, so I was slightly prepared... at least psychologically! lol. It made for an interesting story afterwards! I heart wedding recaps. Keep them coming!!!