Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Inspiration

Here's the kitchen inspiration from Believe it or not I put the whole room together after finding the Dwell Studio kitchen dishtowels, oven mitt, and potholder on clearance at Target. I'm actually not a yellow person, but I loved the towels so much that I couldn't resist!

Seems like the kitchen is going to end up more mod than the rest of the house. The top right corner is a stainless steel tile backsplash that I'm currently obsessed with. And I put both rugs that I like because I can't decide which I like more. The neutral one mimics the chair backings and gives an organic color to the mix. The black and white Ikea Stockholm rug is super graphic and ever since I saw this pic I have wanted to find a place to use it:

John Jacob Interiors

I love seeing how interior designers decorate their own homes!

Any thoughts on which rug are appreciated!!! I can't decide if I want it to blend or stand out...

Don't you wanna have breakfast with me in this room???


  1. I love the backsplash!! Not sure about the rug, but I'll just say practically, in the kitchen especially, get something easy to clean!

  2. The tan and white one is indoor/outdoor so cleaning wise probably leaning towards that one... Me and the Stockholm rug may just not be meant to be...sigh.