Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For The Birds

If you attended or have seen pics from our March 2008 wedding, you know there was a bit of a feather theme. I got alot of weird looks when I would tell people I was having feather accents, but, trust me, I REALLY REALLY restrained myself :) I've always loved feathers. I think their whimsical, glamorous, and beautiful. Now I've been finding some cute feather home accents for the new digs.

Wedding Feathers:

Feath-ah Bouquet

Kate Spade Illude Pumps (Bought on Bluefly.com waaaay before I even had a dress)

Feather Send-Off

(I so didn't tell the country club we were doing this; Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. I like to think they specifically banned feathers after me!)


I heart me some etsy.com!

Peacock Feather Cover, $16


Anthropologie Peacock Dinnerware, $14-20

I've been lusting after these forever. Stunning. They will be mine, but I will probably only have a 4 place settings.

Pier 1 Yellow Bird Plate, $5 (Can you say BARGAIN???)

I think these might be super funky mixed with the dishes I got for my wedding (below). It'll bring that pop of yellow to the table since I'm digging that for my kitchen right now. I think it'll loosen up the black and white.

Target Damask Dinnerware, $49.99


So cute I had to show it twice!!!


  1. I was wondering when you were gonna post pictures from your wedding! Loveeee the feathers. Pleaseee give us all an update on your house, with pics!!!

  2. The Target Damask plates are what I have registered for for my wedding. I love them!

    Our living/dining/kitchen area is red, black white and tan with damask accents.

    Our office has the main wall in HOT pink (my favorite color) and the bedroom is sky blue, black white and gray.

    Since we're in an apartment we're only painting an accent wall in each room.

    I am enjoying your blog and love your style! :)