Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Ugly Lights Happen to Pretty People

We really don't like ANY of the light fixtures in our house. They just aren't our style. Here's my wish-list of replacements (please excuse the close-ups of our ugly popcorn ceiling)

Breakfast Nook

First of all, this light is WAAAAY too high, it is also ugly and cheap (I wrote in an earlier post that I had seen it on for $37

The replacement will be this drum shade/crystal chandelier. The crystal ties it with the rest of the house but the drum shade makes it more casual to me.


Ugly and cheap

The replacement would be much chicer. I've just been wanting a way to incorporate this piece.

Dining Room:

That Tuscan style that is oh, so popular. Just now OUR style.

Replacement will be crystal with some black shades to pop the other black accents in the dining room.

Master Bathroom:

I really want a little something something to hang over the tub.

Another piece of just been trying to incorporate. I like the small size of it.

Or maybe even this badboy:


This is my view from bed every night. Yuck. Really not a fan of ceiling fans. Especially gold and brown ones. These are in all the bedrooms.

The master bedroom replacement would be something luxurious.

And something a little funkier in a shiny black for the guest room.

Living Room:

Don't know quite what to put in place of this. Maybe a brushed steel fan? I think a chandelier would have to be HUGE to work with the high, pointed ceiling. Really stumped on this one.

Oh, and it doesn't show up in pics, but this has a really weird multicolor light to it. Kind of like crazy disco parties happened here...

If you haven't noticed, I obviously am not very good at "casual"...

Now if only money grew on trees and I could find a job in this hick little town.


  1. Only you could pull off a chandelier in every room! Love the one for over the table. It is amazing!

  2. I have an almost identical hideous light fixture in our entryway... if only money grew on trees!

  3. So glad that you posted these chandies. I am loving the pendant chandelier. I'm thinking I could hang that over my new sink. It would go with my dripping with crystals chandelier over my dining table. Thanks so much for the sites!

    - Amanda (