Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look-y What I Got!

I've been searching for a Hollywood Regency bamboo trimmed dresser ever since I saw one on Get It Girl Style a while back. Well, something finally popped up on Ebay (that may even be the same dealer as hers) and since I'm a Buy It Now kinda girl, I emailed them to see what they would sell it for for a Buy It Now (it was in the listing that you could do it, I was still within my Ebay manners). For only $100 and then shipping charges, it was well under my $250 vintage dresser budget!

Here it is:

From TS and Company out of Gainesville, FL

And this is what it will look like with some white paint action (with instructions provided from the post)!!!

Get it Girl Style's fab finished product (I kinda like how mine doesn't have tiny drawers better)

I've never ordered something like this off Ebay, we'll see what happens. Unfortunately it could take a few weeks to arrive, but it will be exciting when it does show up!

I'm also debating this one from a local antique shop. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who would ever look twice at it for the great bones it has! Not only is the pink scary but it may or may not have some sort of floral crap on top... It's much smaller and lower, but I'm thinking tv stand for the living room??? MUCH chic-er than the current Targ-et one we currently have, and only $40- doll-ah holla-h!

I also like to think that buying second hand/vintage furniture makes us a little "green."


  1. It'll be awesome, I so desperately need to paint 2 pieces that i have. Maybe this Spring!!

  2. Your blog is so cool! I love all of your ideas and inspiration pics. Great score on the dresser. Thanks for stopping by.