Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Officer And A Gentleman

Tomorrow I will officially be married to a Staff Sergeant. Last Thursday we went to his ALS graduation ceremony (it's like a required class about being a supervisor, blah, Air Force talk, blah). Boring but I got to dress up (anything involving dressing up and I'm there!) and see my man graduate.

Doesn't he look handsome? I love my man in uniform! He's worked so hard the past 4 years (oh, goodness, 4 years??? has it really been that long???) for this.

Congratulations! Barbie loves her GI Joe!!!

Look at all his "flair"!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sale Alert!!!

Z Gallerie is having a Drapery and Rod sale starting today. Up to 50% off. Just in time, we are sick of being woken up by the bright sun in our bedroom on our days off!

I am hoping the get the Boulevard Panels in Oyster for the bedroom. Now to decide on a length.

Check the sale out! A few good deals! But they still need an accessory sale STAT!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Accessorizing The Dresser

No, we didn't get to paint the dresser this weekend due to time, weather (rain followed by crazy wind not condusive to spray painting), and my husband's general laziness. We did buy the supplies, however and Stephan has promised me his 3 day weekend coming up will be fruitful.

This is my Sarah Richardson inspired vignette. If you don't know you she is you haven't fully lived. She is a great designer on Design Inc. and Sarah's House (where she buys a house and completely remodels in fabulosity). I die over her designs, adorable assistant, and general perfection. I dream about fabric shopping with her!!! I know, I'm lame...

Are you loving it???

View from the Bed

View from the Bed by Em Pink on Polyvore.com

Can you imagine the circles mirror across from the Darcy circle wallpaper accent wall??? Or possible stencil of the pattern (maybe a summer project with the bestie?!?). I love subtly carrying themes... Ugh, loving it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Your Main Ingredient?

This cracks me up!!! I love and fear Martha, and I love that she's showing her sense of humor!My favorite moment involves brownies (you'll see). Hilarious. Bravo to whoever wrote this!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What's Next For The New Dresser

Saturday my Hollywood Regency bamboo dresser from Ebay arrived! It is stunning! We are planning to paint it either this weekend or next weekend.

Excuse Bentley's butt...you know what it's like to try and take pics with little furry shadows...

I think I'm going to use the same products as Get It Girl used on her similar dresser. It will be a vintage white with the handles sprayed silver like hers!

Hopefully it looks this good!

Last week I saw an awesome dresser makeover on Young House Love where they lined the drawers with wrapping paper from Ink and Paper. So I had to have a looksy at what else they have and found two possibilities.

Peacock Feathers!!!! My fave-sies!

Which do you like????

Oh, I'm also thinking of spray painting these old Target tables a shiny silver. Ever since I saw the silver spray paint at Lowe's I've been dying to use it!

Here's the inspiration from Z Gallerie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Eye

So while I was getting ready for work today, I caught an episode of How Not To Decorate on BBC America. It is an amazing British home makeover show with a duo of fabulous gay men and to scantily clad blonde assistants (weird combo, I know).

Anyway, the did an accent wall in, get this, gold leaf. Freaking amaze-balls (as Perez and Kim would say)!!! I tried to tell Stephan about it but then he just started singing the theme song to the James Bond movie Goldeneye...yeah, did I mention this was in the middle of Target? So since he didn't see the beauty in it I thought you might.

I tried to find a pick from the episode with no luck, but HGTV has a how to and I found some cool inspiration photos.

Sterling silver leaf fireplace

Kinda awesome

Silver leaf ceiling


Sorry i couldn't find better pics or the one from How Not to Decorate, but cool concept nonetheless!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Say Yes To The Job

I know I've neglected my blog (for all 7 of you followers). Actually, 6 because one is my husband who I forced to follow me. He only looks at the pictures, that's why I say anything I want about him (trust me, I've tested it many times).

I have rejoined the workforce once again! I've done retail management for years but am so over the schedule. I'd really love to do something with wedding/event planning or interior design (both of which I only have very raw talent and no actual training) I've been job hunting for 2 months not finding anything interesting or in the driving distance I want.

I saw on my BFF's bridal consultants website that their was a job in their Gainesville, FL bridal store and encouraged her to apply. (I live vicariously through people)

But then I thought that I didn't have to live through her on this one...so I started calling around to bridal stores around the area. The first one I called needed someone and long story short, I'm now a bridal consultant.

It's not glamorous, by far (if you've seen Say Yes To The Dress you know it can be brutal)

But I'm excited and love it! AND the icing on the cake is that they are closed Sunday and Monday and close at 6 weekdays and 4 on Saturdays. Retail heaven. Mmmmm.

I heart Randy :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Underestimating My Hubby

I was gone for 4 days this weekend and didn't know what to expect when I got home. You see, my husband has never been alone in the new house with both dogs.

I did laundry, dishes, and left him leftovers, expecting him to play videogames in his underwear the whole weekend.

But, he surprised me. He:
-Cleaned any doggy presents from the yard
-Hung master bathroom fixtures
-Spray painted and hung the mirror we bought for our guestbath
-Replaced our light fixture in the guest bath
-Took both dogs to the vet

I was impressed. When I asked him how we figured out how to replace the light fixture without electricuting himself he answered:

"Because I'm a man. It's instinct."

What do you think? The mirror was $29.99 on clearance from HomeGoods. It was brushed silver but pops with a glossy black spray paint. The light fixture is from Lowe's, and the square bathroom fixtures are from Target.

I now need some sort of black and white damask shower curtain, maybe some zebra accent washclothes and handtowels, and to hang my Marilyn Monroe picture.

My only complaint was that he didn't take ANY before pictures...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living Room Love

Here's what I'm scheming (I don't plan, I scheme) for our living room. (Oh, and I discovered how to custom crop items so my layering looks ALOT better, totally embarrassed by all my previous Polyvore.com attempts).

I wanna do creams, whites, blues, and a touch of brown. Lots of textures (silk, faux fur, velvet, mirrored, lucite). Kind of a Parisian/Hollywood Regency kind of vibe.

We already own the chair, couch and loveseat, mirrored side tables and lamps, but that is IT. All the rest needs to be purchased or replaced. So I have the bones but need to accessorize. My Target tv stand is going to look like poo next to this...

Not bad for an amateur, don't you think?

Side note: Why are rugs so DANG EXPENSIVE??!?!?!?!

Living Room
Living Room by Em Pink on Polyvore.com

Stephan and Kim aren't so so proud of me it's not all black and white?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Remembering I Do

There's so many cute things to commemorate your big day around your home. These are my favorites. They'd make great anniversary gifts (cough, Stephan, cough).

One thing I did get was my bouquet preserved with from Keepsake Floral. I mailed it in, they took it apart, dried it and put it together again in a shadow box. The flowers dried such beautiful colors.

What about a fashion sketch of you in your dress??? Just like the celebs get for custom dresses. This one is from All About The Dress and is a steep $425. But I've found similar things on Etsy here and here.

I love all the letter/number art I've been seeing. So funky and special. You can even add pics and dates and names. Maybe I can give these for upcoming weddings I'm a bridesmaid in...hmmm...

Frame the Date (Young House Love has discount codes sometimes)

You could definitely do something stunning with this keepsake. And you can personalize them with anything you want (they show them for baby keepsakes, too). Only $32. It's handmade solid pewter.

This shows actual size a little better.

I need to do something like this with my caketopper that I bought from Toppers With Glitz.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knob Kabob

Does anyone else find it weird when cabinets don't have pulls/knobs??? Why do they do that? It's obnoxious to open and looks unfinished! It's like wearing a fabulous dress and no earring!

I saw some great ones on sale at Target, but they only had like 2 each and are still full price online (when are you going to get it together and match up your store and online prices, Target?) If you knew how much I've spent with you in my 24 years you would listen up!

Aren't they so Anthropologie/vintage???

Side note: Did you see the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Scott shoves a hundred dollar bill down a waiters throat and Kourtney calls him a "drunk slob-kabob??? It was crazy and now drunk people will always be drunk slob-kabobs to me :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Where To Sleep Next To Ryan Reynolds

I stumbled upon a tour of Scarlett Johansson's Spanish style villa in LA. It is stunning. I knew we had more in common that full lips, big butts, and an attraction to Ryan Reynolds. You must check here for even more photos and stats!

I die for those velvet Chesterfield sofas!

Love the wallpaper

This is where Ryan and I would brush our teeth together

Only in a Spanish villa can this tile and cabinet work!!!

Indoor atrium. Insanity.

Stunning wallpaper. Waking up next to Ryan here would be heaven:)

Portrait Of A Wedding

Some of our favorite portraits.