Friday, March 12, 2010

Say Yes To The Job

I know I've neglected my blog (for all 7 of you followers). Actually, 6 because one is my husband who I forced to follow me. He only looks at the pictures, that's why I say anything I want about him (trust me, I've tested it many times).

I have rejoined the workforce once again! I've done retail management for years but am so over the schedule. I'd really love to do something with wedding/event planning or interior design (both of which I only have very raw talent and no actual training) I've been job hunting for 2 months not finding anything interesting or in the driving distance I want.

I saw on my BFF's bridal consultants website that their was a job in their Gainesville, FL bridal store and encouraged her to apply. (I live vicariously through people)

But then I thought that I didn't have to live through her on this I started calling around to bridal stores around the area. The first one I called needed someone and long story short, I'm now a bridal consultant.

It's not glamorous, by far (if you've seen Say Yes To The Dress you know it can be brutal)

But I'm excited and love it! AND the icing on the cake is that they are closed Sunday and Monday and close at 6 weekdays and 4 on Saturdays. Retail heaven. Mmmmm.

I heart Randy :)


  1. OK........this job sounds so Emily. I am jealous and would love the idea of working that type job. I only wish we lived near each other and we could do the interior life together. Me and you and our raw talent. It can get you places. Why on earth do we love the creative side of life.....Aunt T

  2. Congrats! I think any bride that comes through would be lucky to have you as an consultant. You have great style and put things together really well. Remember to have fun!

  3. Your new job is amaze-balls!!!!!

  4. Congratulations!

    -Amanda (CASA Brasi)