Saturday, March 13, 2010

Golden Eye

So while I was getting ready for work today, I caught an episode of How Not To Decorate on BBC America. It is an amazing British home makeover show with a duo of fabulous gay men and to scantily clad blonde assistants (weird combo, I know).

Anyway, the did an accent wall in, get this, gold leaf. Freaking amaze-balls (as Perez and Kim would say)!!! I tried to tell Stephan about it but then he just started singing the theme song to the James Bond movie Goldeneye...yeah, did I mention this was in the middle of Target? So since he didn't see the beauty in it I thought you might.

I tried to find a pick from the episode with no luck, but HGTV has a how to and I found some cool inspiration photos.

Sterling silver leaf fireplace

Kinda awesome

Silver leaf ceiling


Sorry i couldn't find better pics or the one from How Not to Decorate, but cool concept nonetheless!


  1. Okay... so I have the BEST plan ever. When I come to visit you this summer we have a DIY project planned! Something we can realistically do together! Gold leaf walls? Painting? Re-conditioning a dresser? Fun? I think so!!!! Cause it will take lots of time to get your house together and I'm sure you'll be working on it when I come to visit and I would love to help! ohh and I've totally been taking ugly canvas prints that I had from office depot (umm.. why they were selling canvas prints of flowers is beyond me) and putting them in really pretty ikea white square frames in our bathrooms and they look FABULOUS! makes me happy. lol.

  2. I've already thought of that too:) Here are some possible projects:
    -Paint the front door black
    -Paint the 3rd bedroom turquoise without telling Stephan
    -Go antiquing for jewelry and home decor
    -Framing wallpaper samples and fabric to make art

    Sound fun? You game?

    Oh, and I make all houseguests homemade pancakes:)