Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Accessorizing The Dresser

No, we didn't get to paint the dresser this weekend due to time, weather (rain followed by crazy wind not condusive to spray painting), and my husband's general laziness. We did buy the supplies, however and Stephan has promised me his 3 day weekend coming up will be fruitful.

This is my Sarah Richardson inspired vignette. If you don't know you she is you haven't fully lived. She is a great designer on Design Inc. and Sarah's House (where she buys a house and completely remodels in fabulosity). I die over her designs, adorable assistant, and general perfection. I dream about fabric shopping with her!!! I know, I'm lame...

Are you loving it???

View from the Bed

View from the Bed by Em Pink on Polyvore.com

Can you imagine the circles mirror across from the Darcy circle wallpaper accent wall??? Or possible stencil of the pattern (maybe a summer project with the bestie?!?). I love subtly carrying themes... Ugh, loving it!


  1. I am equally addicted to all things Sarah Richardson and have Sarah's House taped EVERY Saturday on Fine Living Network.

    I can't wait to see the dresser! Love your inspiration.

  2. "Summer project with bestie?"... I'm DYING!!!!! I can't wait!!!! Ohh I totally saw someone print a repeatable stencil on another blog, and used it to do an accent wall, took them forever but looked fantastic! We can soooo do it. Wait... did I see that on a blog you follow? Maybe... we gotta look it up.