Monday, February 8, 2010

I Bow At The Altar of Tufting

I L-O-V-E tufting. There's something luxurious about it. I love it on chairs, headboards, benches, couches... I would cover a room in tufted fabric if I could! Even thought it would sort of resemble a padded room in a mental hospital...


After I saw this I've been searching for a budget friendly tufted headboard or bed.

So I found this lovely from Z Gallerie (Still a little too expensive):

But then, I found this that comes in a bed or headboard:

BUT they price match and I saw the bed at for $445 and the headboard for $236. I would buy it from and do the price match, though, because you can add on a 5 year warranty for $89 with them. I have seen this bed for $600+ around the internet.

Skyline also makes a matching bench for the end of the bed. Not sure about the match-matchy maybe I could get a cover made in another fabric like Kim K's ( think hers is a velvet). But it might work. The bench is the cheapest at (waiting for another 15% off and free shipping)


Here's the the budget friendly one we got at Macy's with a matching love seat that was
H-E-L-L to get to the new house:

Chloe Sofa, $899 (on sale for $699)

And here it is after Stephan white-trashed it up:

It's painful to look at...

The most affordable tufted chair I found:

Saving up for my bed!!! Then we'll move our black sleigh bed to the guest room! I love me some tufting!!!


  1. Where do you come up with these titles?! haha. It should actually say "I Bow at the Altar of everything Kim Kardashian." You know you love her. haha!

  2. Haha, I think of most of them while I lay in bed before I fall asleep ;) I get all my best ideas when I should be sleeping but can't. When I called my mom today she was even talking about the Sheer Genius and how she likes the clear furniture.

  3. I love the bench and dining room table! My dad made a tufted headboard for Kelly last year :)