Monday, April 19, 2010

Having an "Aha" Moment

One place I've been struggling for ideas is the large, high wall in our living room. It's massive. I want to not have too much negative space and be the right scale for the wall without being bulky.

Awkward, massive wall. Design totally takes away from the fireplace.

I thought I would have to succumb and get a dreaded oversize entertainment center (so not my thing) or like a tv stand surrounded by some sort of bookcase.

Liatrop System

Then Colour Me Happy saved me again. She showed a great before and after in her post with a tv console with stacked horizontal art with a very tall vertical branch-y arrangement all working together to:

1)Draw the eye up to show off the height, and
2)Take up negative space in a non-bulky way.

Flaw-less, Maria.

I heart it and will be stealing it. Next to it I want an oversized mirror with a bench in front of it...

I think I've seen Candice Olsen and David Bromstead do similar wall treatments in loft/high ceiling rooms.

Possible media consoles:

Trollsta Sideboard. In love with the bottom, drawer placement not so much...

In love with this console from Brocade Home

Now just to decide if I want to do painting or fabric. My husbands oh-so-helpful suggestion was one painting of him in a speedo laying on a couch and another painting of me in a bikini laying the opposite direction. This is why I'm the visionary and he is the braun. His idea of art are those pics of James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe playing pool... Yeah...



  1. Love this post, so awesome! I'm so happy you are inspired (by the way that console is 3 IKEA MALM chests stuck together).

    Yours are way cuter though!

  2. LOVE the wall idea! I have a similar wall space and may also be (eventually) taking this idea ;)