Friday, April 2, 2010

Get a Hobby, Jill

I'm am L-O-V-I-N-G Real Housewives of New York this season! Bethenny's happy, Ramona is bipolar, LuAnn is annoying, Jill is Jill, Alex is just there, and Kelley in Playboy (?). Amazing-ness.

I was watching last weeks episode and was kind of entranced by Jill's apartment that she had made over last season. I can't decide if it's too much, but it definitely has the flamboyant fingerprints of her gay husband all over it. I like some of the elements and color palette. But I'm not really sure... Is it perhaps trying too hard, or do I like it... It's not like I'm afraid of full on in your face glamour, but I can't decide. Hmmm. Here's some pics from the photo shoot she did last season for Traditional Home. Definitely a HUGE change from the Before shots!

Before living room

After living room

Mother of pearl tables? Yes, please. Man-art? No, thank you.

Before kitchen

After kitchen

Before master bedroom

After master. Amazing upholstered bed. Matching bedding? Not sure...

Ally's Room. Love everything but the rug and chair. Ghost chair calling.

Glam or tacky? Or both?

I can't talk about the New York Housewives apartments without mentioning Kelley's life size horse in the living room. I think her apartment sort of gives a glimpse of what it must be like in her brain. It's not that her apartment isn't cute (it totally is) but the horse, really?


  1. Oh, my gosh! I totally forgot what Jill's apartment used to look like... it looks like a completely different apartment!

  2. Love her new look. I think that fact that she took the 'before' pictures at night and the 'after' pictures during the day, added for an extra 'wow I can't believe that was her apartment before' wow. Her and her fabric store... ahhh love this show!

  3. haha! i love your blog! too cute! i am a new follower! and i LOVE your comment about kellys apartment! truer words have not been spoken!! i do love jills apartment, but too wonder if it's a little too much blue...nevertheless it is def a step above the before!!! you have a great blog!