Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Give Up On Me Yet!

Hey all 10 readers (actually 9, because one of you is my husband who I made follow me, but doesn't ever read any posts) I just have a few things:

1) We are out of money. Like whoa. That is why all projects are on hold. After our appliances, bedroom carpet, paint, back yard clearing, we are out of house money. Despite how I come off, I would rather prefer to eat than have a mirror from Z Gallerie.

Trust me, I have everything planned out. Just waiting another month or two to start up again...Sigh.

2) I really don't even know where to start, I guess room by room??? Preferrably our bedroom...

3) We have been battling with the dang bamboo dresser for several weekends. After many paint attempts we can't get the top to get an even finish. Grrrr. So hopefully the "Dresser is Finished" post is fast approaching

The main point of this post is: DON'T GIVE UP ON ME/ THIS BLOG YET!!!! I'm serious about documenting my house makeover, I was born for this kind of design challenge. I do realize that I can't further the blog until I put my money where my mouth is. But, trust me, my money and my mouth are BFF's.

I promise I will knock your socks off. Period.


  1. oh girl, believe me, we feel ya! House making over is Super expensive! As much as you try to go room by room, in the beginning you still have to jump around a lot to get all that necessary stuff done. Just think of it as extra planning time! =)

  2. HI, I came accross your blog from Amanda at Casa Brasi. You have a cute blog and I am looking forward to seeing your house makeover as it happens! If only we didn't have to worry about money! xx