Monday, April 12, 2010

Peacock Bleu

Not gonna lie, kinda loving peacock blue right now.

With turquoise and orange? Amazing. Can't help thinking about Tory Birch guest judging on Project Runway saying orange and blue don't go together

From the new Lonny Mag via Decorpad

Peacock tufted headboard? I die

Kyle at Knight Moves got me into the colors with this number (gotta love a graphic series of objects, too)

Wish I could think of a way to incorporaate these Liberty of London pillows into the house. Totally got the frame and mugs though!


  1. Dear Tory Birch - you're wrong! Blue and orange totally compliment each other. Check out a color wheel sometime.

    Loving the blue!

  2. You're a gator... just admit it.

    BTW, I really like that color blue too. :-)