Sunday, April 4, 2010

Too Much Shabby, Not Enough Chic???

We took the trek a few weekends ago to Mobile, Alabama to pick up the beautiful chair I saw on Craigslist. It is beautiful, but I keep staring at it wondering if it needs updating.

That's our new Mohawk recycled carpet on the floor, it is made of recycled water bottles! So now that the new carpet is in, all the furniture is in the spare rooms (explanation for all the chairs in this photo)

Gray blue damask fabric

You can't fake aging like this!

I'm thinking a medium gray velvet with Heirloom White trim... What do you think???

Inspiration piece

Gray velvet

Now I have to go about finding an Upholsterer (is that the job title or what?) to trust in the area.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Help, I'm winging this design thing here!


  1. I think that would look awesome with the white trim. Good luck!

  2. i know this post was a million years ago, and it's none of my business as i just stumbled across your blog while whorishly scouring old hollywood decorating pics on google images, but... please tell me you left it?
    it's perfect!