Monday, December 21, 2009

Girl Meet Diesel, Diesel Meet Girl

I finally met Diesel!!! So excited! He is the cutest thing ever, is growing like crazy (I think he might actually be mixed with horse or something). He is very sweet, quiet and well-behaved. He breathes so heavy and it cracks me up! He also "talks," he never really barks just whines and talks to us. So cute! He is all front paws and ears and will have to grow into them. He is so in an awkward stage and like trips on himself and looks like he is walking with flippers on. Can't wait for him to meet Bentley.

We also discussed his registered AKC name and ended up just being silly about it on the 2 hours drive from Kansas City to Manhattan. Things like Kerstone's Diesel McDiesel and Sir Diesel von Dieselson... yeah... we were way bored.

I have lots of nicknames for Bentley:
-Bentley Bear
-Mr. Bentley
-Bentley Boy

So I had to start making some for Diesel. So far I have:
-Diesel McDiesel (too catchy to pass up)
-D-Bomb (cause it's awesome)


  1. Diesel is such a camera whore!!! I swear... he knows when the camera is on him and strikes a pose!! Soo adorable. Although I feel sort of like a Diesel stalker because your Mom and I were taking pictures of him while he was sleeping. The paparazzi is always on Diesel!!!

  2. Yeah... diesel is so cute, it should be illegal. I want a German Shepard now. :-(