Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awkward Family Photoshoot AKA White Socks, White Shirts, No Problems

Over the busy Thanksgiving weekend we did a family photoshoot with Stephan's family. Getting that many people in a family picture is always funny, awkward, and hilarity always insues. Stephan's mom wanted to do the white top and jeans thing (not my thing, but it was for my Mother-in-Law so we did as we were asked for uniformity's sake) The only thing I put up a tiny fight about was wearing white socks. To be photographed without my heels on is like asking Diesel to not be adorable...

Here's what made it awkward and hilarious:
-The wardrobe: matching white shirts, jeans, and socks
-Two dogs (both drugged up on Benadryl...don't judge me)
-Two dads (At the last minute Stephan's dad got added into the mix)
- The poor photographer who had no idea who went with who and what the heck was going on

I went to my happy place and just let it happen. Here's is what we came up with (Please, Picture People, don't sue me!)

Yeah, not the most attractive pose for the figure but cute-ish

In acting they always say never work with animals or children...

Absolutely ZERO sibling rivalry here:)

We look like the cast of a CW or ABC Family TV Show...Yeah