Friday, December 11, 2009


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving day we ate with my side of the family (couldn't hit both because Stephan booked his flight too last minute and ended up arriving at 3:00pm). And then did a dinner with Stephan's familia on Friday night.

We ate and had fun and I was asked to tell my story about the customer that shopped in my store for 8-hours (you don't wanna know). All the girls ended up making a dessert so we had to have a family bake-off. Here were the contenders:

Mom: Pumpkin Cheesecake torte
Me: Chocolate Pecan Pie (Martha Stewart's recipe, of course)
Matt's girlfriend Rich: Coca Cola Chocolate cake
Nate's girlfried Dianna: Oreo Balls (they need a new name, I know... I'm thinking Oreo Truffles)

Austin was the judge since he was not biased by dating or being married to any of us:)

He gobbled them all up.

Then we had our traditional Thanksgiving photo shoot for the Christmas card picture. No matter what we always end up by the fireplace:) And my mom was amazed at the use of the self-timer on the camera:) Oh, goodness, there were more outtakes than actual good shots though...