Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curtain Dilemma

I was always sure I wanted a nice silk (faux silk) lined curtain in a off-white in all the windows in the main living space to kind of unify everything since it is an open floor plan.

Then, I started looking at my zebra ottoman inspiration pic a little closer and LOVED the Pewter/Charcoal curtains. They are so glam, dramatic, and formal! So now I have been on the hunt, and buying samples (totally annoying my husband) to figure out what way to go.

Decor Pad

This is my call for help. What do YOU think?

Makes it light and airy.

I think they are way too dark. They almost come off as brown in person. I stared at them for 5 minutes in the store convincing myself they were even gray.

This is Stephan getting annoyed.

Last sample are the super cheap Target Faux Silk Panels in Pewter. I think the fabric is too thin and kind of tacky. But the color is most like the inspiration photo. Not too dark or light.

Stephan is officially pissed at me about here.

I ideally would like to have the Z Gallerie Gala Panels in Charcoal. But they are way out of budget at $139 EACH.

I'm thinking these might be the right fabric weight AND color.

Faux Silk Dupioni Panels

This may help so you can actually see them with our stuff that isn't out in the living room yet:

Dining Room with Charcoal Curtains

Dining Room with Charcoal Curtains by Em Pink on

Updated Living Room

Updated Living Room by Em Pink on

PS Think I'm leaning toward making the mirror GOLD...


  1. I like the pewter, but I am no expert. And FYI...I know that having the curtains pool on the floor is the style now, and it looks great, but you may want to think twice about that with two dogs (it's a great place for dog hair to gather in clumps). I hope you find what you're looking for!

  2. No pooling for me:( That is def NOT an option with the doggies!