Friday, October 29, 2010

Living Room Mock-Up

So I am loving this West Elm Beaded Diamond Dhurrie rug from The Fashion Police on E!:


The rug is on clearance at West Elm and I was able to get an 8 X 10 for under $200. Holla! My mom picked it up for me in Orlando, so I don't get to put it in the house until after Turkey Day:(

And apparently when your husband is gone and you can't fall asleep you spend alot of time on

Living Room Take 3
Living Room Take 3 by Em Pink

View From The Couch

View From The Couch by Em Pink on

Can't wait! Any exciting deals and steals lately???


  1. I swears, where do you find these deals!?!?

  2. You're so cute! I love your blog and your little photos with the pink frames! I'm your new follower!

  3. West Elm does great rugs - I bought an 8x10 striped sisal from there for $49.

    And thanks for stopping by La Lamp Shade!


    If the Lamp Shade Fits

  4. Geez, you're too cute! I love your layout and all the pictures! I'm your newest follower! <3

  5. Now, every time I watch Fashion Police I say out loud "Look it's Emily's rug!" Your rug is famous!

  6. Love the rug! And I also picked your blog for the Liebster Blog award! Check it out here..
    I was picked and I have never heard of this award. So I picked you because I just love reading your posts. Enjoy! 8^)

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