Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogging Up With The Jones'

Ever since my BFF, Miss Gator started her wedding blog, I’ve been scheming of a good reason to start my own blog. It is the trendy thing to do, after all. I must keep up with the Jones’, or as Nene of Real Housewives of Atlanta would say “I AM the Jones’”…loves it! I quote them alot… don’t judge. Well, I’ve always heard write what you know, so I thought that I could write a modest little blog for friends and family to keep track of our comings and goings. My head is also swirling with visions of home décor and do-it-yourself projects due to (almost) buying our very first home!

Here is just a brief "About Us":

Emily: I'm just a girl in love with a guy:) I love art, fashion, make-up, and design. I’m obviously VERY deep. My favorite indulgences are red velvet cupcakes (yum), shopping, Bravo TV, and HGTV. I’m currently obsessed with the preppy glamour that is J.Crew. I work in retail in a “white and black” world. I always have to have a project. Our wedding kept me busy for two years and now I'm dreaming and scheming about re-doing our soon-to-be NEW HOME!

Stephan: This is the guy that is my hubby and my best friend! He's in the U.S. Air Force and loves it...alot. We have spent most of our 6 year relationship apart, but are crazy in love. He likes playing video games in his boxers, making custom jelly bean mixes, and working out a ridiculous amount! He really does takes great care of me, despite all those little things he does to annoy me. He spoils me “Real Housewives” style!

Two Dogs: Our first dog is a gigantic 15lb. Yorkie named Bentley. He is obsessed with me and I haven't been alone since I got him because he follows me EVERYWHERE. He and Stephan have a silent power struggle over who loves me more. Diesel is our soon-to-be second baby. He is a German Shepherd who I have yet to meet. His name is in no way related to Vin Diesel, because he's just LAME, we just thought it was a kick-butt dog name. He is Stephan's dream dog and my possible nightmare...

To Be Continued...

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  1. "I don't keep up with the Jones... I AM the Jones." Love it!