Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home Is Where the Air Force Sends Us

I think I would describe myself as a "reluctant" Air Force wife. But it's not like you have a choice when you already fell in love with the guy! I'm not really typical. I don't get involved with the wife activities, don't know any lingo or ranks, and kind of work and do my own thing. This isn't really something I'm either proud or ashamed of. It's just how I cope. I also hate that where we live is reliant on the Air Force. Lame.

Our first base together was Ft. Riley, Kansas. Yes, Kansas. I sort of felt like Paris Hilton in The Simple Life with my blonde hair and my little outfits. "What's Wal-mart... do they sell wall stuff?" -Paris Hilton (Haha)

We lived in a town of 40,000 people (which is how many students I went to FSU with) called Manhattan, KS aka "The Little Apple." So when I graduated from FSU, my friends went to "The Big Apple" for glamorous, Sex and the City-esque lives I went to "The Little Apple." Yeah...

We had a nice life there, I just didn't fit in. One time we were going to Wal-mart and Stephan looked me up and down and said "What are you wearing, that's too flashy for Kansas... and Walmart." I just HATED the following:
-Tornadoes (yuck)
-The nothingness (see below photo)
-No sushi or smoothie restaurants (Some people had never even had sushi...gasp)
-People didn't know who Victoria Beckham was (?)
-Two hour drive to the airport, a decent mall, or restaurant (I exaggerate...kind of)
-And finally, the horrific tapestry wolf portrait jackets I saw on a number of natives

I will miss some of the people at my old job at Dillard's, but I will be 15 minutes from this:


With all the sushi, smoothies, and sunshine I can handle! More to come on the beautifulness that is Ft. Walton Beach, FL

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  1. I don't know much about Gary's police ranks or terminology either...