Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: Then and Now

Happy Halloween! Stephan and I didn't get to be together this year, but that didn't stop Stephan from dressing up and having fun! I few nights ago Stephan called me and said he and his friend had been costume shopping. The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Hey what have you been up to?
Stephan: We've been costume shopping.
Me: Oh, are you dressing up? Who's WE??
Stephan: Me and Dean.
Me: What's your costume.
Stephan: Pirate.
Me: What's Dean's?
Stephan: Pirate
Me: You have the same costume???
Stephan: Well, yeah. But we have different accessories.
Me: Accessories?!? So you're a gay pirate couple?
Stephan: We tried on the costumes from that Will Ferrel movie Blades of Glory but they were too gay.
Me: And dressing in the same pirate costume isn't?
Stephan: No, and we're going to have a sword fight.

So, yeah. Stephan and his friend were hilariously going to wear the same pirate costume. But the funniest part was that I remembered that when I made a slide show for our wedding, there was a pic of Stephan and his brother dressed as pirates from their childhood. I knew I had to do a little then and now.

Here's Stephan in 2009 as a pirate. Back off, ladies, he's all mine! :)

Here's Stephan and his brother Michael. Unfortunately they are overshadowed by the banana in the background.

I also wanted to include the pic of the last time we dressed up together in 2004. I was Paris Hilton and he was Larry the Cable Guy. Believe it or not, neither of us had to buy anything to make these costumes...sad.

Oh, Halloween!


  1. The sword in the first picture is the only thing that makes me think pirate and not Bret Michaels.

  2. That was probably the funniest/gayest conversation I read in a while...haha. Gotta love 'em