Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When A Guy Met a Girl...

Six years ago this week, Stephan and I met in a cute little story worthy of the movies.

First let me set the scene. I, in a weird turn of events, was home schooled throughout all of middle and high schools. I longed for teenage normalcy like after school activities, boys, and dances (of course). What girl doesn't want to dress up and shake their booty on the dance floor???

Well, my great friend Erin invited me to go to Colonial High School's Homecoming Dance. My parent's weren't thrilled, but it happened. Not long after we got there, I realized that I actually knew quite a few faces. One of those faces was another girl, Laura, that Erin and I went to Elementary school with. She had with her this super cute boy named, you guessed it, Stephan.

We had a brief meeting and I took a pic of Erin, Laura, and Stephan and then they disappeared in the crowd. I then asked Erin if she knew if they were dating. She didn't know. A few minutes later Stephan showed up sans Laura and sans his jacket, shirt, and tie. (Later in our relationship I came to know that Stephan is one of the sweatiest men on the face of this earth.) He sat down across from us and struck up a conversation. At the end of every song he would pause and lift his head up. Once a slow song came on he asked me to dance.

Everything just felt so easy and natural with him. There were definitely sparks and butterflies, but also that weird sense of comfort like you have with someone you already know. As we danced I realized I was "glitterizing" him with my dress. Yes, 17 year old Emily wore glitter on her dress.

I was concerned about his actual date but wasn't too worried once we saw her dirty dancing with this guy in a wifebeater. Stephan then went on to tell me that he got a call from Laura at noon that day saying that her date had bailed and asked him to go with her. This gave me a sense of relief from the whole "are they dating" question.

We danced and had fun when I got pulled aside by another friend who said that Laura was royally pissed at me for "stealing her date." So I told Stephan to go hang out with his date.

At the end of the night after the last song played and the lights went up, Stephan asked for my phone number. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have a pen. I guess pens doesn't really go with formal wear. Stephan went all around and my number ended up getting written in lipgloss on a cocktail napkin. So classy, right? I don't know if it's related, but to this day, Stephan ALWAYS has a pen on his person.

Well, he called me less than 24 hours later (which is like 5 minutes in boy time). And as they say, the rest is history. We dated for 2 years (with a little off time), were engaged for another 2, and have been married almost 2. I can't even remember not having him in my life!

I love you, Stephan. Happy Anniversary of Our First Meeting! (And no, honey, this isn't my attempt to make up an anniversary to try and get a present.)

This is a picture of us on the night we met. How many people can say that they have that???

This is us today, older, wiser, and with no glitter on my dress:)

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