Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anatomy Of A Christmas Card

I wanted to send out a little Christmas card this year and kept waiting for all four of us to be together. My friend Kim took a photo of us by the lake behind our house. The only problem was the extreme wind. Bentley looked like he was in a wind tunnel in the majority of the photos. Of course Diesel still looked perfect! We ended up picking the first photo we took and then downloaded it the the Walgreen's photo center and were ready in about an hour. I also used a coupon from

My lack of preparation kicked me in the butt though. I started a 6 day work stretch and had no time to get them out on time. Then I had to hunt down addresses (hard to go off a two year old wedding guest list). And the address labels I wanted would take 2 weeks to come. Grrrr.

Here's the pic we used:

And the card design:

And what the address labels would have looked like (le sigh):

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