Friday, January 29, 2010

Curtain Call

The previous homeowner of the house was ever so kind to leave us her BEAUTIFUL drapes...not. You know that was the first thing the I had the man slave take down! (I can pretty much say whatever I want on the blog because one thing I've noticed is that he doesn't read it; he only looks at the pictures.)

I could stare at that view all day ;)

I've taken fabric classes and I don't even know what these were made of...Can you see the icky dull gold leaf rods??? In regular lighting they are gold and pee yellow mixed together.

Curtains are super important to any room and I wanna keep things fresh and simple with some texture. I've found a few possibilities online! I wanna go formal with a silk/faux silk. I also think it will add another texture to the room. I'm all about mixing lots of textures!

I love-y the Z Gallerie ones but they are a bit expensive considering they are 100% silk. So I've been looking for faux silk options and found these at (of all places) JC Penny.

The JC Penny ones are faux silk and lined. They are supposed to be "energy efficient" and keep cold/heat out/in. Obviously would go with the cream color. I'm thinking about ordering a trial pair to see the color and if they look cheap. They are a good alternative to the Z Gallerie panels...or I'll be waiting for a 20-25% accessories email from Z Gallerie! Or maybe just splurge on the quilted for the master bedroom.

I also have these damask curtains from Target from our apartment. I am pretty much obsessed with anything damask. Stephan calls damask "that old-lady pattern" but what does he know, he wears camouflage. I always think that damask is pure glam and that Marilyn Monroe's curtains were so totally damask! I can put these in the guest, maybe layered with my old black velvet ones like David Bromstead on Color Splash does (I'm pretty much convinced we would be best friends!)

Once the paint is actually done I can order and hang some (err, have Stephan hang them; I'm the brains he's the brawn)! Can't wait to see the ivory against the Essential Gray!!!

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  1. It all looks like great ideas! I wish I had even an eighth of your talent. My father-in-law is a professional painter, so he put a fresh coat on everything before we moved in. When he asked what colors, I was like, "beige, but not too beige, with white trim." He gave me 2 color options and I picked one! Then we had to pick matching tile for the front entry and new carpet from all they way across the U.S! It was quite interesting. I think it has turned out okay though. Enjoy your decorating!