Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"I Like To Work with Leath-ah"

So Stephan has always longed for a leath-ah chair. (Ever since the season of Project Runway with Stella I will never say leather normally again...)

I don't exactly understand men's obsession with leather furniture but Stephan did have a valid point that it would add a masculine element to the living room. And I agreed that it might be a nice contrast with the velvet, fur, silk, mirrored more femme stuff.

So for Christmas I decided to find a leather chair...for under $250. Not easy at all. I was thinking more club chair than recliner. We looked at Home Goods, Target, and IKEA. We found one at IKEA that was very sleek AND comfortable. It was the JAPPLING chair for $249 (under budget by a dollar). So I rushed over on Christmas Eve after work and picked it up (with lots of lifting help, trust me) and the best part was that I had some gift cards from there too!!! I hid it in the garage and told Stephan his present was a small bag I brought in when I came home (actually a gift from my boss). Gotta love Christmas mind games.

It is staying packaged up until we move, and I can't find a pic on their website but I found one on so these images will have to do for now. Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. haha.. That picture is hilarious!! Yeah... Kyle wants the whole 'leather couch with center console' thing.. I'm like. umm our couch is not going to double as storage... and I will NEVER have a couch in my house that has built in cup holders. Men.. I SWEAR!

    Love your blog posts!!

  2. What? I never said I wanted a console! Leather would be nice because it last longer and doesn't stain--I thought you could appreciate that part at least.

    Stephen deserves his nice leather--he looks very happy hugging it.