Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Guy, A Girl, 2 Dogs, 2 SUV's, And A Uhaul

AKA...We've moved in to the new house!!! After 8ish hours with stops in G-ville and Tally we finally made it!

We were roughing it with no cable til last Thursday and internet today. We also are still using my old dorm size fridge and are going to the grocery store every other's getting embarrassing. The dogs love the new house and run around in circles. It is still empty due to the fact that we are doing a mini top to bottom overhaul with our tax credit. We are:

-Scraping the popcorn ceilings off (adds $3-5 for every $1 spent)
-Painting the ugly white walls
-Putting some wood floor in the main living room and hopefully new carpet in bedrooms (the current was installed very poorly and is stained beyond repair...and we also found a dozen boxes of wood floor in our bonus room, but that's a later post)
-Clear and fence the backyard

Basically it will just be pretty empty for a while after we pay for this crap. But we will be here a long time and it's much easier to do these things with the house empty.

I'll do a full house tour soon (when it looks clean enough to take pics) but here's what's been going on so far:

-We took down the fugly curtains left by the previous owner (future post)

-Done a mailbox makeover for under $20 (future post)

-Picked out some paint samples

Do you love that my manslave is doing most of the work in these pics???

I'll leave you with this pic of the new couch. I asked Stephan to grab a blanket to throw over it and left the room. This is what I came back to. His mission in life is to "white trash up" everything nice I have...le sigh.

Yes, I sleep next to this man every night... So proud...

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  1. Aghh.. the sneak peek of the couch is KILLING ME!!! Sooo CHIC!!