Saturday, November 14, 2009

First New Home Purchase...And I'm Itching For More!

I made my first purchase for the decor of the new house!!! It is a new bedding set. I figured instead of getting a new one for the guest room, we should get the new one and transfer our old one to the guest room. Did that even make sense???

I've decided on a shades of gray, with whites and creams for the bedroom. A whole room without black is a big change for me! So excited and I will reveal the bedroom inspirations later. But the set went on sale last week so I had to JUMP on it...and I had a gift card from my brother, Nate, so what's to stop me???

It's from the Fieldcrest Luxury Collection at Target and is way fabulous with a 500 thread count, baby!

I didn't get the lame decorative pillow they show here, though...

The only problem, is that the light gray sheets (which totally MAKE the bedding POP) were sold out online and in stores :( NOOOOOO! They added contrast and depth to the bedding. Ebay saved the day, though! I was hesitant to buy sheets from Ebay (can you say hygiene issues???) But they were new, in package and from a VERY reputable seller. And at only $25 I could afford to take the chance. They came in mint condition, luckily

Can't wait to get this on the new fabric bed I have my eyes on (later posts to come).

And NO German Shepherd ALLOWED!!!

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