Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ManLand Of The Lost

There seems to be a growing trend in home decor for something called a "ManLand." It's basically a man-friendly hang out area with no female decor influence whatsoever. It's basically the adult equivalent to The Little Rascal's "He-Man's Woman Haters Club." There is even an entire HGTV show called, surprisingly, Manland

Stephan has been lusting for one ever since my uncle turned his basement into a "manland." He has leather recliner sofas, surround sound, and a projector and screen the size of the wall to watch movies/play games.

Since we are closing on our first home soon, the question of the ambiguous third bedroom has come up. The one day B-A-B-Y room (I spell it so Stephan won't hear the word all the way from Kansas, kind of like you spell W-A-L-K in front of the dog so they don't have a meltdown). We are not having a baby soon enough to do nothing to the room, but also not having a baby so far away that we should do too much for the room.

Let me write it in conversation form (because I find it the most entertaining)

Me: So what should we do with the 3rd bedroom??
Stephan: I already know, a manland.
Me: Manland???
Stephan: Yeah, with a huge flat screen, all my movies and games, a bean bag chair, and an inflatable couch.
Me: Ummm.... First of all, what are you, twelve with your bean bag chair? And inflatable couch?!? Why are you always so determined to make us white trash?!? Next your going to say a neon beer sign and stripper pole.
Stephan: Stripper pole...good idea (just to annoy me, of course).
Me: Well, why do you get the room? Why can't I make it a glamorous dressing/closet room?
Stephan: Well, you get the rest of the house, so can't I get a room to myself? I'll build a shed if I have to.
Me: So you would rather hang out in a shed like a serial killer than watch tv in a nicely decorated house with me???
Stephan: Well...
Me: What if we make it an "entertainment room" with dark velvet curtains to block out the sun and like a Rat Pack Lounge/theater design inspiration?
Stephan: So a Man-Entertainment room???
Me: Why do you put Man in front of everything!!!

So, yeah... That's about how it ended. After the conversation I started having the thought of what a sick social experiment it would be to actually let my husband have free reign over the decoration of a room of our house. What would he do? What design attrocities would he commit? I don't think I have the stomach to find out...


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  1. As soon as a leather couch gets into any room... it becomes Man Land. The leather couch is the key element to avoid at all cost. Oh and the bean bag chair?? Don't even let Stephan see the bean bag beds in the middle of malls. Kyle is obsessed with them and wants one BAD. I think I would die of tackiness if he ever got one.