Monday, November 30, 2009

Love Is... Going Appliance Shopping on Black Friday and Letting Your Wifey Sleep In

Stephan and I love a good bargain! He says I shop alot, but I never pay full price... for ANYTHING. I always have a coupon or cyber stalk things I wanna buy until they are on sale. I also sign up for email with EVERY store that I like or may like something at one day. Stephan thinks I'm crazy because I get like 60 emails a day from stores. It's worth sorting through it for a bargain!

As we looked through the Black Friday ads we were on a mission for these things:
-A new camera under $200
-Fab deal on a Washer and Dryer
-Matching stainless steel kitchen appliances (very important that they match)

We are splitting the camera as our Christmas present to each other and the appliances are must-haves. You know you are a grown up when this is what you get for Christmas!

Unfortunately the new casa does not include a refridgerator, microwave, or washer and dryer. It has a dishwasher, and oven, but they are white and we long for stainless steel chic-ness. And with the generous tax credit we will get in 6-8 weeks, we can actually afford to do the whole shebang at once (thanks, Uncle Sam!)

Knowing that I worked at 8:00am, my wonderful hubby offered to wake up at 3:30am and brave the sales to look for these things and let me sleep. That is true love. When he left I said "Don't be that one guy that gets trampled to death this year." He responded with "I've been to Iraq twice. Do you really think I'm scared of being trampled?!?" Fair enough.

He braved Sears for an el cheapo washer and dryer that was already sold out when he got to it, but it ended off being better because he ended up getting a nicer Kenmore Elite set. It's front load, baby! Then he ran to Best Buy to brave the line around the building to look at cameras. He left with a fab Sony camera with a huge screen and super clear pics. He lastly stopped in Lowe's (which he said was totally empty, if you ever wanna go there on Black Friday) to look at a "stainless look" kitchen appliance set. He was disappointed in it and we didn't want to rush into anything because of the adrenaline rush of Black Friday.

Just another example of what a good manslave...ummm, I mean, husband he is:)

Overall a successful trip and all done before 7:00am. Can't wait for my washer and dryer to come so I can start on the road to being a domeestic goddess! Woo Hoo!!!

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