Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bedtime Stories

I've been eyeing this tufted bed for month! And believe it or not, got a coupon code for it from watching Game Show Network (?) I know, you're asking why were you watching Game Show Network? My brother had it on. And I find Family Feud semi-entertaining.

Anyway, we got 15% off of it at! And it will be here in the next couple weeks. It will be amazing to have a bed, we have been sleeping on the matress and box spring. And I'm sick of waking up with Diesel's big fat german shepherd head in my face.

Skyline Parchment Tufted Bed, $445 (or $378 with coupon code "CSNGSN")


  1. How exciting for you! You won't know yourself after sleeping in your nice new bed! I love the tufted bed head. xx

  2. I will just have to live vicariously through your home decor, for reals. Because I'm IN LOVE with everything you pick out. But.. alas, I'm forever doomed to live with palm tree coffee tables, albertson's art (can you call that art?), and mismatched furniture because my husband is too opinionated and we would never come to an agreement (yeah... we have shouting matches when we go to Lowes). ahhh. I pray this is there when we come visit. I have to TOUCH IT!!!! Amazeballs

  3. Haha yall should be on Designing for the Sexes on HGTV. They have a mediator/designer come help couples who can't agree.

    Trust me, men are pretty easy to talk into upholstered beds ;)

  4. I have this bed in black. Love it, so amazing! :)

  5. I just came across your blog....I was wondering what you thought of the bed once you actually got it? I was going to upholster my own headboard but this bed is so affordable! is it decent quality? let me know!

  6. CLJ: I love the bed. I Scotch Guarded it and vacuum it every week and have been super happy,

    I considered making one too but when you start wanting tufting it gets complicated so I went with this. It's very luxurious.