Monday, June 14, 2010

The Day You Thought Would Never Come

So I totes forgot to show you my finished bamboo dresser. It was a long haul. We, unfortunately don't have the spray paint skills as Get It Girl (who I mimiced for how she re-did her bamboo dresser). In total it got painted about 3 times. It just wasn't drying/covering right. I give my hubby major props for working so hard to make it perfect for me. I am not easy to please (curse of the perfectionist) but he re-did it as many times as I asked!

The last time we had Sherwin Williams color match the spray paint and we rolled it. I hate the guy who works here. He is for sure a sexist and every time I ask a question he gives me attitude. But is super nice to my husband. And he has tons of gray chest hair overflowing his shirt collar. But I put up with him because I love their paint and he always gives good advice.

Here it is before. In case you forgot since it was a millenium ago.


After, much more polished!

Original handles spray painted by me!!!

The dresser and chair are already besties!!! The mirror next to it is our old master bathroom mirror that we are going to frame and make a floor mirror. Super psyched about it!


  1. Ooooo yea, much better! It's a cool old dresser. And I love that chair! You could also try silver leaf from a craft store to cover the little table. Or did you already spray it?(your post link) I once silverleafed a HUGE mirror, and loved the way it turned out. I even like the little imperfections the leaf creats.

  2. Okay... so your Master bedroom is looking AMAZING. I love it.. {heart} you. From, Jealous in Gainesville

  3. Your dresser looks so much better! The handles turned out really nicely and it looks fabulous next to the chair! Great job! xx

  4. Gorgeous! You did such a good job freshening it up!

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  5. Pretty! And I just LOVE that chair!

  6. Perfect color choice - it looks totally terrific and very now...

  7. Hey you won my giveaway!! E-mail and let me know your information! Yeah!!!!

    Amanda (CASABrasi)

  8. That dresser is gorgeous!!