Monday, June 7, 2010

Floors. Done. Finally.

The floors are finally done! We have been staring at a pile of wood for 6 months and it is finally where it's supposed to be. On the floor! Long story short, when I was moving all my stuff from my mom's spare room she uses for storage, I stumbled across a ton of left over hardwood floor from when she built her house. Since Stephan is completely shameless (he's mortifying at restaurants if something isn't good enough), he asked if we could have it. So we bought the rest and finally saved up enought to put it down. Some times DIY's are about knowing your limits. Our limit was time on this one.

We (as in Stephan) did DIY by removing all the old carpet, therefore saving us at least a couple hundred dollars.

The first things he brought in the room were his tv and leather chair. Yeah. Bentley is totally photo bombing this pic.

It's amazing how the same wood can look so different just switching up the paint!

Yeah that's me in Stephan's gym shorts trying to watch 9 by Design, begging him not to get me in the photo. P.S. My goal in life is to have kids as intelligent and artsy as their kids.

Oh, did I mention I ordered some chairs from They are copies of the Martine from Restoration Hardware, and with a coupon were half the price of the real deal. I (when I say "I" I mean Stephan)do need to paint the legs, but small price to pay.

The place is finally presentable enough to have visitors! Hoorah!


  1. Nice work, the new floor looks great and it must feel good to finally have it done! xx

  2. They look amazing Emily! I can understand your pains trying to renovate and change things so your house suits you just right- it is so worth it in the end though. Again, absolutely beautiful floors!

  3. AGH. I lovee your hardwood floors. SOOOOO jealous!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!

  4. It feels great, still empty though! We never would have been able to do it if we hadn't found most of the wood!